Tate Access Floors

Tate Access Floors present best quality access floors in the world and sustainable building products. Tate Access Floors is lower cost and lower energy with best design. Tate Access Floors and underfloor service distribution have emerged as practical solutions for the construction of commercial buildings. The distribution of HVAC, electrical power, voice and data cabling and other utility services underneath an accessible, flexible, modular floor offers enhanced cost-efficiency, time savings, flexibility and sustainability

Tate Access Floors, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing access floors systems to provide underfloor service distribution solutions for more than 45 years - with over 450 million ft2 of access floor installed throughout the world.

Tate Access Floors’s underfloor service distribution solution provides:

  • Access Floors that offer complete accessibility to critical services at any location on the floor plate
  • Underfloor modular ‘plug & play’ power and communications/data solutions that deliver optimum flexibility and reconfiguration capability.
  • Underfloor HVAC solutions that are cost effective and comfort, deliver improved indoor air quality (IAQ), personal and lower energy consumption.
  • Best Practice Design and Benchmarking tools for designing lower cost building construction.
  • Sustainable building products and methods that provide LEED™ credits for supporting Green Building design.

Headquartered in the United States, Tate is a member of the Kingspan Group, a global manufacturer of building products based in Ireland. Our combined facilities throughout North America, Europe and Asia make us the world leader in the access floors industry.

Tate Access Floors is committed to providing the best quality access floors in the world by requiring stringent product performance and consistency criteria from both its manufacturing operations and partners. With the continued addition of new technology and capacity in our fully owned manufacturing facilities, coupled with international manufacturing agreements we ensure our ability to respond to our customer’s needs quickly and efficiently delivering on-time shipment of material at a rate needed to support any size installation.

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