Special Tile Ceiling

According to your requirement and your drawings, we can produce various kinds of special ceiling,such as arched type ceiling, single panel for exterior wall, panel for pillar-wrap. It has so many specifications that it is easy to realize the innovation design and reach the perfect effect of decoration.

R Strip Ceiling

The R strip ceiling brings unique soungdabsorbing rffect It's widely used at the exhibition; conference rooms, corridors ets. The open series strip ceiling mase the design elegant and qenerous. Tashion, simple installation and remove, be warm welcome by the owner and designers.

GD Series


KC Series

With more and more widely application of the matel ailing the customer made ceiling act as architectural's favorine choice; since it hight the charavteristics of architectural and design with many years of experience and advanced production techology equipment combinrd with powerful design department, Sanyee make a lot of changes on deepening of color to achieve architectural cretivity.

Not only the continuous learing and innovation in technical but also updated annually and inputs more advandced machinery including computer nymerical welding and surface treatment equipmcent



DC Series