Performance First

Milliken Carpets are Engineered to Perform in the world’s most demanding traffic conditions.

  • Superior performance features
  • Fiber technology
  • Construction
  • Soil & stain resistance
  • Backing Systems
  • Ergonomic properties
  • Fade resistance
  • Durabilily

Milliken Backing Systems

Milliken cushion backing systems are PVC-Free utilizing durable polyurethane technology.

Acting as a shock absorber to extend the appearance life of your carpet while reducing leg fatigue for faculty, staff and students.

Carpet & Rug Institute - Durability Testing

Milliken performance carpets are certified as “Severe Wear Rated” when using the CRI TM101 Durability Testing Program.



Rating 1-5 (5=Best)-for Color-Structure-Thickness Change 3 Performance Categories Severe, Heavy & Moderate