A Global Leader of Commercial
Modular Carpet for Office Market

Millitron Technology

  • Design & service flexibility
  • Shortest lead time in the industry
  • No minimum order size
  • Global product platforms
  • 10 year sustainable image guarantee

Unique Imaging Capabilities with Discovery
  • Pattern is integrated into the structure, so it reads as one
  • Pattern emerges through texture and texture through pattern to create an unexpected, complex new surface.
  • Milliken’s Convergence™   technology,  enables you to color outside the lines and create carpets with incredible dimensionality. 

“Convergence has provided an intriguing opportunity to develop a new genre of carpet and a perfect vehicle for me to express my sensibilities as a textile designer, a painter, and a weaver”

The influence of Italian artisans lends Discovery a distinctly Italian accent. The collection takes its inspiration from textiles, exquisite papers and simple materials. Discovery captures the nuances of textiles through its multi-faceted approach to surface design, texture and construction.