Electronic Industry Clean Room

Permanent, lifetime conductivity
With ColoRex® , static charges are securely drained throughout the entire thickness of the tile by a dense network of tiny conductive veins. No antistatic additives or surfactants are used. Conductivity is therefore independent from ambient conditions and will not decrease over time, remaining constant and stable throughout the entire lifetime of the tiles.

Guaranteed Electrical Resistance
The electrical resistance values of ColoRex® are continuously monitored by our ISO 9001 certified quality control laboratory, thereby delivering a certificate of electrical resistance measurement for each production batch. Forbo is the only manufacturer offering this unique service to customers. The electrical resistance range reported in the certificate is guaranteed for the entire lifetime of the tiles.

Unigrid® - a unique feature
The Unigrid ® is a conductive mesh printed on the back side of the ColoRex ® tiles, designed to secure perfect electrical contact between the tiles and the conductive adhesive. It contributes to consistent and reliable electrical resistance values over the whole surface of the tiles.

Low triboelectric charge and body voltage generation
In most ESD protected areas, just the presence of static charges is a concern, whether discharges occur or not. By its own material structure, ColoRex® effectively contributes to preventing the generation and accumulation of static charges in moving personnel and mobile equipment.

Outgassing and contamination control in cleanrooms
Electronic components and devices are getting increasingly smaller and faster but also more vulnerable to airborne molecular contamination. With every drop in size, cleanroom managers are tightening qualification requirements for cleanroom flooring as regards to contamination by outgassing. Thanks to its outstanding outgassing performance resulting from our continuous investments in R&D, leading device manufacturers and cleanroom contractors have qualified ColoRex® for unrestricted cleanroom use.

Conductivity is not a random matter
Even if comparing the mere conductivity values might not provide much of an informative basis at first sight, conductive floor coverings are often showing significant differences in performance. These are, for example, the way static charges are grounded, the factors influencing this process and most important of all, the ability to long time performance. As a matter of fact, the performance of a conductive floor covering is closely linked to the manufacturing process.

Conductive floor coverings made of conductive coated chips show a definitely better and long lasting performance.

Conductive coated chips are forming a solid , homogeneous compound which is stable in size and dimensions, a far better solution than “liquid” chemical additives like antistatic surfactants.

This is the reason why the electrical properties of ColoRex® tiles are constant, permanent and not influenced by either ambient humidity or aging of the product. This is a most important selection criterion, considering that the properties of a floor covering are required to be permanent and that performance to specifications will be subject to regular inspection.

ColoRex® is produced in 2 versions
ColoRex® EC
with an electrical resistance range between 5 x 104 and 1 x 106 Ω
ColoRex® SD
with an electrical resistance between 1 x 106 and 1 x 108 Ω