The artistic ceiling shows the abundant beautiful, fashionable or classical individuation high-resolution photographic images which transform the traditional ceiling to multicolor fashion artistic ceiling. There are sample images in our image catalogue.

Features and Advantages:

  1. Multi-pattern and material are available. Aluminum, acrylics, plastic glass, glass, plastic, steel, gypsum, Mineral fibre, calcium silicate, wood, glasswool, bamboo, textile, leather, etc.
  2. DIY design available. You can design by youself and send photos to us, then you can get the special individuation, exclusive product. Your photos clearer, the products more beautiful.
  3. Easy installation and demountable. Just the same installation as traditional ceiling. You can change it as fashionable dress.
  4. Transform the beautiful illusions of nature to inside, make people comfortable, fresh, deep relaxation.
  5. No quantity limited. Even if you only order 1 piece, we can also special make it for you.

You can design any size and any combination what you want:

  1. You can choose clip in concealed system or hook on concealed system, then the ceiling will be one unit and will not see the suspension grid line.
  2. Or you can choose lay on or lay in open frame tee grid system as following:
UN-005 LA-033 LA-055
BG-010 BG-015 BG-017